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Do not enter your McAfee Activation here on this website or call any number mentioned. We are not McAfee and we do not provide any technical support for any brand including McAfee. This website is purely for information purposes. If you are looking to get help from McAfee you should visit Official McAfee

Let’s get started with your new McAfee Security program by simply visiting the website i.e., and enjoy the McAfee Antivirus Security.

McAfee Activate – Time never waits for anyone. It cuts through your McAfee subscription plans like a hot knife through butter, leaving your devices vulnerable to online threats and cyber attacks for months to come.

You may think of your device is protected with a McAfee activate subscription for a year, but it is only an illusion. Cyber attacks are all-time high and our relentless march to repel its effects has yielded us no results so far.

Competition is overwhelming among Internet security providers, and we are running out of time to stay ahead.

How to renew your McAfee activate subscription is no longer a challenge for users who are quite familiar with latest trends in cybersecurity and possess qualified knowledge on how to renew or update their McAfee products by using McAfee activate product key.

Once your subscription plan reached its expiry date, you’ll be prompted to either extend it or switch to robust layers of security with an upgraded version.

The expired product does not receive any notifications of latest offers or updates which may jeopardize your device’s security. You need to extend your McAfee activate product key to renew your subscription plan.

Guide to your Auto-renew your McAfee Activate Subscription

  • Go to your web browser and open the  official site link
  • Click on “Login” button and enter your credentials to sign in to your McAfee account
  • Now, you are prompted to go to your account and click on “My Account”
  • Locate the Auto-Renewal settings option and tap on it to customize the settings to your account
  • Click on the tab that says “Disabled” if the Auto-Renewal Settings is set-off. It will turn on the settings
  • Once you click the button, it will change into “Enabled” that will appear next to the Auto-Renewal settings
  • Click on “Save” to apply the settings to your product

Renew your Account Subscription Manually by Using these Simple Steps

On the other hand, if your McAfee activate subscription plan is about to touch its expiry date and you didn’t even turn on the Auto-Renewal Settings, then you will be prompted to buy a McAfee product key and renew the product manually.

Follow the instructions to renew the subscription license manually.

  • Go to the official site
  • Log in to your McAfee Activate account by entering your Username and Password you used to create the account
  • Go to the “My Account” section to access the details of your product license
  • Navigate to your subscription plan and find out whether the product is active or expired
  • If expired, then click on the “Renew” button
  • If required, then enter your billing information and get your McAfee activate subscription renewed manually.

How to Upgrade your McAfee Activate Subscription

Update account subscription through the web portal

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Click Settings, Subscription info.
  • Type your McAfee Activate product key and click Submit. This automatically updates your account subscription.
  • On your device, open Mobile Security.
  • Type your PIN to access the app.
  • Tap Options, and choose Subscription Information.
  • Select Update Subscription.

Update account subscription on your local device:

NOTE: You might not be able to upgrade the subscription on your device for all variants of McAfee Activate. If your app does not have this feature, use the steps above to add your McAfee product key through the web portal.

  1. On your device, open Mobile Security.
  2. Type your PIN to access the app.
  3. Tap Options, and choose Subscription Information.
  4. Tap Enter Subscription Key.
  5. Type your McAfee product key and click OK.

Please note that the 25 digits alphanumerical subscription code provided to you via email or retail key, is a one-time McAfee product key. Once you enter the key and activate your McAfee product, you may not be able to use the key again to upgrade your subscription or any other product.

If you are still unable to follow the steps and require technical assistance, then contact McAfee customer support services via email or through a phone call. They are available 24/7 to help resolve any issues you might face while renewing or upgrading your McAfee activate product key. Read more from our blog section

How do I recover my McAfee Account Login Password?

Well you can recover your McAfee account password in 8 simple steps.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it:

  1. Go to
  2. Hover your mouse over My Account.
  3. Click My Account.
  4. Under the Log In button:
    • Click Forgot Your Password?
  5. Type your registered email address.
  6. Click Send Email.
  7. Check your inbox for an email with the subject: Reset your McAfee password.
  8. Click the link in this email to reset your password.

Follow these instructions to reset McAfee account login password.

How to Renew your McAfee Subscription?
  1. Open your McAfee account and successfully log-in
  2. Choose My Account on the top of your My Account page, then click
  3. Now, click on All expired to first check your all expired subscriptions. Also, you can click on View active to get the details of your unexpired subscription.
  4. On different options, choose the subscription that you want to renew and click on Renew.
  5. Fill your Billing details and other prompt, if asked.
  6. After a successful payment, your renewal process is completed.
How to Uninstall McAfee from windows PC manually. Step by step process, Updated January 2020

Usually McAfee can be uninstalled like any other program. But we recommend you to follow these steps to manually uninstall McAFee from your windows PC.

  1. Type Programs and Features on your Windows Start Screen and select it from the list of results.
  2. Locate the McAfee program you want to uninstall in the list of programs.
  3. Right click the McAfee program and choose uninstall.
  4. Select the check boxes for the items you want to remove, then click Remove.


If you face problems while uninstalling McAfee antivirus from your windows PC, download and run the McAfee removal tool.

How to use McAfee Pre-Install Tool?
  1. Download the Pre-Install tool.
  2. Then Double-click on the Pre-Install_Tool.exe file, and follow what is asked.
  3. Carefully go through warning message, and then click OK to agree to the changes.
  4. Once the Preinstall Tool completes, Click OK > CLOSE.
  5. Then Restart your computer and try to Re-Install your product once again.
How do I renew my McAfee Antivirus subscription with product key?
  1. Open up your own McAfee accounts and log-in.
  2. Opt for My Account towards the top of the Account page,
  3. Subsequently, click on Rename.
  4. Click here All expired to check all of your expired Subscriptions. In Addition, You may click View active to find the
  5. Information of one’s chosen subscription.
  6. On Distinct Alternatives, pick the subscription which you would like to renew and click Renew.
  7. Fill out your Billing information and also other instantaneous, in case asked.
  8. Once done with successful payment, your renewal procedure will be complete.
McAfee Activate at

Follow the three simple steps below to activate your subscription.

Go to from the device your want to protect.

Enter the 25-digit McAfee product key.

Download and install using the on-screen instructions.

If you still need help you can chat with Official McAfee Experts.

Note: Firsts make sure you have 25 digit activation code with you.

Mcafee Livesafe 25 digit activation code free?

McAfee LiveSafe provides ultimate protection for your PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. However, McAfee LiveSafe is not free. You may get the trial option for 30 days but after the trial period is expired you will have to buy the McAfee LifeSafe subscription to keep your devices protected.

You can check the prices or buy directly from the Official McAfee Website.

Why do I need to visit or to activate McAfee?

McAfee setup using a CD rom is history. Just like any other software McAfee Antivirus can be activated online. That is why you need to visit or to setup McAfee Antivirus on a PC or a MAC computer. 

You can simply login to your McAfee account using existing account or create a new one using your email address. 

Note: You will use your McAfee account to activate McAfee and also you can release the McAfee license by deleting the device from the account if you no longer want to use the perticular device.

Where do I find my McAfee product key?

McAfee product key is a 25 digit alpha-numeric code. You have to use the code with your McAfee account on the device on which you want to activate McAfee.

Do I need to uninstall McAfee before installing new McAfee?
  1. The latest variant will own it’s very own uninstaller, which blows upward previous variants, however, it truly is deemed advisable to clean up, utilize the MCPR instrument then reinstall in the event that you’re moving in 1-year-old variant to another location, or even when anything else is different up to applications you’re installing or even in the event that you’re switching out of a 3rd party variation, for example, Dell, towards the McAfee guide edition.
How do I activate my McAfee product key?
  1. Follow the link given on to your retail card.
  2. Select – country > language > device type
  3. Login to your McAfee account using your email details, enter the product key on email and offline buyers can check at back of the retail card.
  4. Click submit.
  5. Your subscription is now activated.
Does McAfee renew automatically?
  1. If you have dynamic membership for you where reestablishment is turned ON for the item all things considered Mcafee will begin charging your record consequently consistently dependent available value. It is simply to guarantee that your gadgets are protected. Mcafee will send you updates warnings before they charge your record.
8 Simple steps to activate McAfee Live Safe
  1. Firstly uninstall the stability application, if already installed onto the machine.
  2. Go to, log in to a mcafee accounts.
  3. Should you not need any mcafee accounts then simply click Register now and put in your e mail password and id to automatically generate a fresh account.
  4. Soon after log in to a mcafee accounts, input the product key that came alongside by having a contact address.
  5. Simply click Publish then select the your language out of the listing.
  6. To initiate the download, click on install.
  7. Click operate to initiate the set up, when prompted. Log-in again, again if demanded and then subsequently comply with the onscreen directions to finish the installation.
  8. Mcafee LiveSafe is being activated now.
How do I activate pre-installed McAfee?

Steps to activate pre-installed McAfee.

McAfee Activation Help

  1. Click on the installed McAfee software on the device you want to activate the product.
  2. Enter the 25-digit product key.
  3. Click the activate button to begin activating pre-installed McAfee.