McAfee Activate is simple. Visit and install McAfee Antivirus on a PC or A Mac


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McAfee Activate Step By Step Guide With McAfee.Com/Activate

Download And Install Or Reinstall McAfee On A PC Or Mac With


This will take you to a page that will say “

  • You will be asked to “

Note: McAfee Activation 25 digit code is a mixture of alphanumeric characters which you can find on the backside of the card.

  • Enter your McAfee account email address.

Note: If you are a new user you can create a new McAfee account. Enter your email and you will be asked to confirm your email for the first time.

  • Click the Submit button.
  • Download your software.


This will take you to a page that will say “Log into McAfee

Note: This is the email address that you have previously created for your McAfee account and here you will find all your existing McAfee subscriptions.

  • Enter your McAfee account password.

Note: If you don’t remember your Email or Password of your McAfee account. You will find options below to recover your email or password linked to your account.

  • Click the Login button.
  • Download your software.

Know-How To Renew Your McAfee Subscription Manually Or Automatically 


  1. Proceed to your browser and open the official website link 
  2. Click the “Login” button and enter your credentials to sign in to your McAfee account.
  3. Now, you’re prompted to proceed to your account and click “My Account”.
  4. Find the Auto-Renewal settings option and tap on it to customize the settings to your account.
  5. Click the tab that says “Disabled; if the Auto-Renewal Settings is set-off. It’ll turn on the configurations.
  6.  Once you click the button, it’ll change into “Enabled” which will appear next to the Auto-Renewal configurations.
  7.  Click “Save” to use the settings to your own product.


  1. Proceed to the official website
  2. Sign into your McAfee Activate account by entering your Username and Password you used to create the account.
  3. Proceed to the “My Account” section to access the details of your product license.
  4. Navigate to your subscription plan and find out whether the product is active or expired.
  5. If expired, then click the “Renew” button.
  6. If required, then enter your billing info and get your McAfee activate subscription restored.

Know-How To Upgrade Your McAfee Subscription Manually 



  1. Open your browser and go to or
  2. Click Settings, Subscription information.
  3. Sort your McAfee Activate product key and click Submit. This automatically upgrades your account subscription.
  4. On your device, open Mobile Security. 
  5. Sort your PIN to access the application. 
  6. Tap Options, and choose Subscription Information.
  7. Select Update Subscription.



  1. Open your browser and go to or
  2. Click Settings, Subscription information.
  3. Sort your McAfee Activate product key and click Submit. This automatically upgrades your account subscription.
  4. On your device, open Mobile Security. 
    Sort your PIN to access the application. 
  5. Tap Options, and choose Subscription Information.
  6. Select Update Subscription.

Please note: that the McAfee product key is a 25 digits alphanumerical subscription code provided to you either by email or retail key, which can be used only once.

Once you enter the McAfee key and activate your McAfee antivirus product, you may not be able to use the key again after the subscription period is over.

You can activate your product at

If you are still unable to install McAfee product on a PC or a Mac computer follow the above steps properly or if you require technical assistance, then contact McAfee’s official customer support services either by email, chat or you can call McAfee directly.

They are available 24/7 to help resolve any issues you might face while downloading, installing, reinstalling or upgrading your McAfee activate product key. Read more from our blog section. Please note we are not McAfee and do not call us.


Importance of having McAfee Live Safe Security

McAfee is among the names in the computer security company that offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to organizations and consumers. Computer security became the concern over the last few years, technologies continue coming and are put to use, as.

There is A brand-new technology getting to be a real problem for computer security when it enough for programs with security issues that are new to materialize. The world wide web became a platform that was possible for hackers and cybercriminals to pry around.

We live in a digital age, in fact, we live in a world that is connected and the more connected we’re, the more vulnerable we become.

As simplified as our lives became due to the Web and the Internet, the solutions offered online became the target for attacks. Today computers are linked to networks and most networks are connected.

This is why its extremely suggested to run anti-virus software on your system or operate a firewall or other more comprehensive online security software suites such as McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection, both of which provide a plethora of security packages and suites to serve both office and home users and big corporate customers.

There’s no such noticeable difference between McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection, except Secure Cloud Storage.

Let’s take a good look at both the anti-virus programs. What’s McAfee LiveSafe? McAfee LiveSafe is among the most famous antivirus programs in McAfee’s sizeable security portfolio that provide comprehensive security options for your personal computer such as virus and spyware security.

Aside from the basic security features like virus and spyware protection, the anti-virus program provides a ton of additional features such as File Lock Encryption, Performance Optimization, Encrypted Storage, Password Manager, Free Client Support, Parental Control and a lot more.

And the best part, it provides a Personal Locker that Offers 1GB of secure cloud storage to get all of your personal stuff and confidential data.


When your antivirus is expired virus could get into your device like a hot knife goes through butter means the device is vulnerable to online threats and cyberattacks for the time to come.

Having an expired McAfee activate subscription might let you feel that your device is protected but that is not true. As soon as the product gets expired your device is at risk.

Cyber attacks are growing with the time and as much as security companies are doing to stop these attacks they keep coming in different forms at all the time.

Competition is overwhelming among Internet security providers, and McAfee is one of the leading security companies. This is why having an activated McAfee product on your device is a must-have.

So the question still remains is how to activate McAfee and What is McAfee activate?

Well, the answer is here. McAfee Activate or is a process of downloading, installing, and activating a trial version of McAfee antivirus. Once you visit the URL you will have to enter the required details and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

The best way to renew your McAfee activate subscription is a simple process and not a struggle or a user. Anyone having basic computer and internet knowledge should be able to activate Mcafee with product key.

Once your subscription is expired you will be informed a few days prior to expiration to renew the product to the upgraded version. We recommend renewing the product a few days before and not waiting for the product to get expired and leaving your device vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Visit to setup your McAfee or you can type McAfee/Activate in Google search bar to reach the destination.


McAfee Total Protection is the McAfees premium antivirus program that offers everything that any typical antivirus software does and more.

That is the next generation of virus removal tool which detects and eliminates all sorts of viruses and malware, both old and new. Both offer ultimate all-around security for multiple devices including Windows Personal Computer, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Nevertheless, Total Protection is the McAfees premium antivirus program that offers almost anything that LiveSafe does and more, with regards to security and security against cyber threats. McAfee LiveSafe is much more than just antivirus software, it’s a comprehensive digital safety solution for your digital space.

Cloud Storage in McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection – As there’s no such big difference between the two antivirus programs with regards to security, the only thing that Clearly differentiates and places one over the even is LiveSafes Secure Cloud Storage.

The LiveSafe provides McAfee Personal Locker which Offers 1GB of Secure Cloud Storage that permits you to store your many precious and very sensitive documents and personal things in the Cloud with advanced protection.


Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

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Can I pay for McAfee monthly?

No, As per the information available McAfee doesn’t come with the monthly subscription. This means the minimum you will have to pay for is a one year of McAfee Subscription.

How do I recover my McAfee Account Login Password

Well, you can recover your McAfee account password in 8 simple steps.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it:

Go to

Hover your mouse over My Account.

Click My Account.

Under the login button:

Click forgot Your Password?

Type your registered email address.

Click Send Email.

Check your inbox for an email with the subject: Reset your McAfee password.

Click the link in this email to reset your password.

Follow these instructions to reset McAfee account login password.

How do I cancel my McAfee subscription Auto-Renewal

McAfee Auto-Renewal means your credit card will be charged on the due date. The date when your McAfee subscription ends.

The simple way to stop Auto-Renewal is to log into your account on and change the Auto-Renewal settings anytime you wish.